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How to speak the Turkish Coffee language (in Turkish)

Hi friends,

So, imagine yourself having a great time on holiday in Turkey. You’ve woken up and had a wonderful Turkish breakfast with your loved ones. You set out for the beach and on the way you stop off at the local café because you've just got to have a cup of Turkish coffee to really perk you up for the morning swim. But how do you order your coffee? Well, learning a few simple words in Turkish coffee-speak will put you in a very favourable light in the eyes of the café owner that he will make absolutely sure that your coffee will be perfectly served.

So if you would like to dazzle the locals, or even if you have some Turkish friends back home that you would like to surprise with a couple of words, then we would like to present to you the definitive glossary to Turkish Coffee a-la-Turka...

Coffee – Kahve

Turkish coffee – Türk Kahvesi

Sugar – Şeker

Water – Su

Pot – Cezve/Ibrik

Demitasse – Fincan

Froth – Köpük

(Brewed Coffee) grounds – Telve

(Turkish) tea spoon – Çay kaşığı

Coffee grinder – Kahve değirmeni

(Turkish) desert spoon – Tatlı kaşığı

Very Sweet – Çok sekerli

Sweet – Sekerli

Medium sweet – Orta şekerli

Little sweet – Az şekerli

No sugar – Sade

Fortune – Fal

Coffee fortune – Kahve falı

Breakfast – Kahvaltı

This list is non-exhaustive of course and there are so many more words that can be added.

So, if there are words, or even complete sentences, you would like us to add to the list, then please let us know at and we’ll be honoured to assist.

Afiyet olsun…

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