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Give me grind, baby. Extra fine grind…!

We all know that feeling, when our senses freely follow the energizing aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Well, just as tantalizing an experience is when you roast raw coffee beans and then grind them down into the various levels of fineness, depending on what kind of coffee you wish to make.

The grade of fineness is very dependent on the type of coffee you plan to drink.

Although it sounds like an answer option to a survey question, coffee grinds can generally be classified under these 7 groups:

Extra Coarse - Coarse - Medium Coarse - Medium - Medium Fine - Fine - Extra Fine.

“Why, oh why, oh why”, I hear you say. “I just want a cup of coffeeeeee…”

Well, my dear friends, if you treat drinking coffee with the sophistication and respect that it deserves, then you will understand and appreciate how coffee will taste completely differently based on the level of grind you apply to the bean.

So here’s the standard of coffee grind you’ll need depending on what you plan to do with it…

By the way, the pictures below are kindly taken from

Extra Coarse Grind - as used in cold brewing

Coarse Grind - as used with a cafetière

Medium-Coarse Grind - as used with a Chemex Brewer

Medium Grind - as used with Filter Coffeemakers

Medium-Fine Grind - as used with Pourover Cones

Fine Grind - as used with Espresso Machines

Extra-Fine Grind - as used with Turkish Coffee Pots (Cezve or Ibrik)

You will be able to purchase the majority of the grind grade coffees at your local supermarket. However, the Turkish grind is not readily available. Even the majority of electric grinders are only able to get down to espresso-grind level.

You will have two options:

  1. Purchase a brass turkish manual grinder

  2. Purchase ready-ground coffee

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